Mike Ashland is a retired youth minister of 35 years.  Besides working with kids and their parents, he's accumulated a prodigious knowledge of Christmas lore, history and traditions.

The roots of Christmas reach into both our religious and secular history. Mike, through Pere Noel, peels back the layers of Christmas with stories and song.

Why do we hang red ornaments on the tree?  Why do we kiss under mistletoe? How did gifts get associated with Christmas?

Whether it's a church related group or not doesn't matter. Because Pere Noel simply answers with history, deepening our understanding and celebration of this nearly universal holiday.

Of course. Pere Noel is the ultimate Santa for kids to visit for a chat and photos.  He can wander a village or event as well as stay on a throne for kids to talk with him!

Click here for information about Bernard, the Elf Prince.

Mulnomah Village Christmas

Tue November 28


Habitat for Humanity Christmas Party


Fri December 1

5 pm to 9 pm

Multnomah Village Christmas Festival


Sat December 2

12 pm to 2 pm

Wilson High School Christmas Trees Lot


Mon December 4
Scotts Mill School

@Silverton Hi 4:30


Sun December 17

Silverton Inn

2 to 4 pm


Tue December 19
Wed December 20

11:30 am

Valley Christian


Wed December 20
1 pm to 3 pm
Springs at Carman Oaks, Lake Oswego


Pittock Mansion

w/Justin Fanzino



Waverly Country Club



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