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Mike Ashland is a retired youth minister of 35 years.  Besides working with kids and their parents, he's accumulated a prodigious knowledge of Christmas lore, history and traditions.

The roots of Christmas reach into both our religious and secular history. Mike, through Pere Noel, peels back the layers of Christmas with stories and song.

Why do we hang red ornaments on the tree?  Why do we kiss under mistletoe? How did gifts get associated with Christmas?

Whether it's a church related group or not doesn't matter. Because Pere Noel simply answers with history, deepening our understanding and celebration of this nearly universal holiday.

Of course you will have many questions before inviting Pere Noel. Please, feel free to ask away and be ready to be a bit astonished by the answers!

efore Coca Cola's 1932 advertisements of a jolly, red-suited, white-furred Santa Claus, Christmas was personified in carols as Sire Christmas and Nowell. Children and most adults know little of the history of Father Christmas or his donkey, Gui.
They know even less about the origin of most of our Christmas traditions...from red ornaments to kissing under the mistletoe!
Let's change that! B